Today, being an expert in any domain is much easier than before, and market research is no exception. Posts, blogs, social network, free online applications and platforms, digital and market research tools, and numerous other opportunities are available to all who strive to get additional knowledge and improve their research skills. Keep an eye on the most important developments in the industry to stay on top of the wave of changes.

Webcan Eye Tracking

Eye tracking will become more popular due to the availability of easily accessible solutions with user-friendly interfaces.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) gradually becomes an indispensable technology in the market research industry, especially when it comes to integration of research tools and data.

More automation

Time is one of the most significant resources today. It means that automation is the next big thing in the research industry which will dominate the market in the coming years. If five years ago most advanced marketers were implementing automation of separate research processes (such as data collection or storage, for example), today the market already demands comprehensive automated solutions, where algorithms will manage everything from data collection to its analysis and final reporting.

Testing of websites

In the majority of cases, websites and social media accounts are companies’ main communication tools. That’s why testing of user experience will become obligatory for competitive companies regardless of whether they sell products or software. Google analytics and proper data analysis are the minimum required package for all marketers doing basic market research.

Dashboards and real-time reporting

Integrated dashboards and real-time reporting allow to simultaneously track different research parameters, which helps to save a lot of time and resources.

Things will become even faster

In 2019 marketers, and clients of research market agencies will continue to search for fast and qualitative insights. Thanks to the automation, companies will be able to come up with new research tools and solutions, enabling them to process more information within shorter periods of time.

Understanding emotions

The focus of market research will shift from the analysis of logical decision making patterns to the scrutiny of the emotional connection of customers with products. Brands will continue to shift towards targeting unconscious reactions of customers’ with their content

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