The year 2020 required professionals, hospitals, clinics, offices and other health facilities to operate in new remote formats to ensure patient care. Management software, relationship systems and tools such as Telemedicine have become items of survival in a context of intense digitalization.

Technology, connectivity, drug devices, patient engagement and empowerment are reshaping the healthcare market. The focus on niche patients has created new demands for healthcare and pharmaceutical companies to understand rare diseases and new patient populations with specific needs.

 The status of the coronavirus pandemic in the world is still very uncertain, but there is no doubt about one thing: the future will be hybrid. Face-to-face and online health appointments will share space, digital tools will complement the physical experience, and close communication between physicians and patients will be even more valued.

In addition to the appointments being hybrid, all communication between health professionals and the industry is also undergoing a major change in modus operandi.

Amid these dynamics, governments, healthcare providers, investors and other stakeholders around the world are being challenged to streamline, adapt and innovate quickly.

The overwhelming question many of our clients have is: how to adapt and ensure the ability to thrive in the new post-pandemic normal?

That is where Inlight Research comes in to help its clients and partners, through our experience in the health and pharmaceutical market. We have a team of qualitative and quantitative research professionals, experts in this area, serving the main national and international pharmaceutical industries.

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Written by Nicole Lopes and Ellen Araujo