Valentine’s Day: research reveals difference in consumption between couples

Google survey shows married and boyfriend habits when choosing the gift for their partners

A survey by Google shows that the search for the right gift for Valentine’s Day, celebrated on Wednesday (12/6), varies among Brazilians. The survey assessed the habit and differences in consumption between the married and who is daiting. The survey included 400 interviewees, as well as analysis data about the behavior of Brazilians who search for the date in the Google search.

Although the date is of boyfriends´celebration, the married ones also intend to open the pocket. Because they have more time  of relationship and know their parters taste, they end up planning less for this date. The boyfriends ones, research more and try to diversify in the gifts to have no mistake.

Most of the survey participants, 52%, between married and boyfriends, said they wanted to give a present for their mates on the date. When only married couples are analyzed, the number is 49% and rises to 57% in the case of boyfriends.

The survey also found that 63% of boyfriends start searching 15 days before of this day, and also use more channels to look for the right gift. This number drops to 50% in married couples.

The boyfriends also end up anticipating more the purchase: 38% of them buy the present in the Valentine’s Day or the day before; the number drops to 25% among boyfriends. Regarding the number of gifts, the boyfriends are more generous: 52% intend to buy two gifts or more, when 60% of married couples plan to spend money only with a gift.

At the time of opening the pocket, the married are more prepared, intending to spend $ 424 with the gift. The amount goes down to $ 377 in the budget of the boyfriends.

According to Stephania Costa, Google’s retail insights leader, the objective of this market research is to “understand the consumer window of the Valentine´s Day,” bringing relevant data to the retailer.

For Stephania, it is necessary that the companies are prepared for Valentine’s Day, considered the sixth most important commemorative date of the Brazilian retail calendar. “It is very important that the retailers are with their websites or stores prepared to receive the clients on this date. Whether it is with promotions, specific celebration contents or considerable advantages for their clients. ”

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