An important lesson that 2019 leaves is the importance of being close to the consumer, not only to support them on the consumer journey, but also to understand changes in this profile and quickly adapt to new trends.

The year 2019 was very rich in new consumer-facing technologies and a year of many companies questioning how to care for their customers in such a connected and engaged world.

Of course the challenge has been great. If it wasn’t enough to adapt to changing consumer profiles, companies are being forced to keep up with the digital transformation, as we are experiencing a moment of reinvention.

So today, thinking about customer experience is practically also about digital transformation. Technological innovations are profoundly transforming people’s habits and consumer relationships with businesses.

However, it also became apparent that there is still a long way to go. In the past, profitability and satisfaction survey were evaluated separately, but there is a current movement that indicates that these two things cannot be separated.

The areas of quality, market research and satisfaction must be much more within the operational areas of an organization.

There is an evolution from customer experience to unique experience, we are moving from the age of standardization to the age of personalization, which delivers what the consumer needs.

We are going through a transition, but companies need to be agile because there is a need for change and market research is becoming increasingly essential for this!