As everyone knows, the 13709/18 law of personal data protectionn will take effect in August 2020.

Law enforcement is broad and will impact the way research and data collection of interviewees / recruits is done. Recruitment companies, market research companies and customer survey buyers will have to adapt. In case of noncompliance with the law, the fines will be high and applied in sequence, so that all those involved, the recruiting company, the research company and the client can be fined.

ABEP is taking a series of measures to assist its Associates in adapting personal data collections to the aspects of the law, including making changes to the CRQ tool and providing a new tool, called “Trigger”, in order to obtain the necessary authorizations to that our Associates can collect the personal data of the respondents in their research. ABEP will detail the operation of the Trigger and its adhesion values ​​soon.

Another facility offered by ABEP will be a Manual of Good Practices for Conducting Data Collection for Market Research, Opinion and Media, to be delivered to ANPD – National Data Protection Authority to inform how research companies work and take care of the personal data obtained from the interviewees, and how the information is stored and processed.

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Authorization models for collecting consent from respondents for various types of research will also be adapted and made available, including all information required by law. In this way, Associates who work correctly and using all the documentation developed will have legal security and will be protected in compliance with the law.

All these facilities and tools will be available to companies associated with ABEP.

CRQ – Controle de Qualidade no Recrutamento – v 4.0
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